• image of the elcantara restaraunt
  • image of the elcantara restaraunt

28th June

Wow that was a busy night, new management team underestimated Soho on a hot
summers night and we were really busy, I actually worked on the floor which
is unusual and boy do I miss it.

This week has been mixed really, we have been short listed for the
restaurant and bar design awards for our Deli in Westfield (in the category
Restaurant or bar in a retail space, along with the likes M&S tasting cafe
concept & Las Iguanas) which is great news, the site has been struggling of
late and we need a boost, shopping centre dining take some getting used to.

We are on Marco Pierre White’s show Kitchen Wars tonight which is great
publicity for us although as you will see the challenge was really
difficult. Were really proud to be on the show and despite what you see
Marco is actually a really good guy.

Great story to finish, whilst in Maison Touareg I got chatting to a customer
who was waiting for his blind date, he was sitting alone for a while as
apparently she was stuck in traffic so he ordered a gin and tonic to pass
the time.

After 45 mins she still hadn’t showed up so he ordered another, I must
confess that I thought he had been stood up!!

My colleague then told me that a woman had been sitting on our terrace no
more than 10 metres away waiting for her blind date to show up but
apparently he too was stuck in traffic.

Well you guess what happened next, she got up to go to the toilet kept
looking at this guy sitting alone they both then realised that had been
waiting for an hour and a half for eachother!!!

Who said romance is dead! Until next week……