• image of the elcantara restaraunt
  • image of the elcantara restaraunt

Happy New Year

Well the new year is here and despite what outsiders may think this is actually one of busiest times of the year, unfortunately not for bookings but for planning and preparation for the year to come.

Top of our priority list this year is to do something productive with our Tapas Bar its an amazing space that’s been under used.

January is the month that our chefs taste and plan our valentines menu, they are also working hard to produce a new lunch menu/concept which will try to counter the myth that you can’t eat lunch in a restaurant for under £10 and in an hour! (more about this next week)

Finally if you are in or around east London this weekend why not pop in to Westfield where we have been given a pop-up stand in the Great Eastern Market to sell our amazing Chorizo Sandwiches!!

Happy new year to all, until next time