• image of the elcantara restaraunt
  • image of the elcantara restaraunt

The London Markets

Over six months ago we employed a driver and began to buy Fruit, vegetables, Meat and Fish directly from London’s Food Market e.g Billingsgate, Smithfields and New Covent Garden.

Not only does this reduce our overheads considerably it also allows us access to the freshest food available at the best prices.

Last week our driver was on holiday so my business partner and I decided we would go ourselves!! A midnight start awaited as the markets don’t open earlier, our first trip was to Vauxhall and New Covent Garden where we picked up the fruit and vegetable order, I have never been to this market before and I still can’t believe how they manage to shift the tons of fresh fruit and vegetables every night mainly done via hundreds of mini forklift trucks scurrying around all the time.

Once safely back in Soho we headed out to East London and Billingsgate, now the strange thing about the Fish Market apart form the extremely strong smell of fish is that you can pay for whatever fish you want in our case (Sea Bass, Prawns and Hake) whenever you like but you cannot remove it until 3am!!!

Therefore we had to wait and whilst waiting we had tea and a cake in their cafe which was also offering full English breakfast’s and Omlette’s, but as the time was now nearly 3am we decided against it!

The best part about Billingsgate is wondering around and seeing whole fish’s like Hake, Lobsters or Eels with their head’s still on and looking very impressive.

Once we picked up the fish we drove directly to Smithfield’s and the meet market which I think is my favourite, probably for the fact that I love meat but I also love their world which is in effect completely in reverse to what I am used too. For example they get up at 10pm start working at Midnight work throughout the night and sleep in the daytime.

Here we picked up Halal Lamb legs and baby chicken which was surprisingly easy to find apparently most of the butchers now sell Halal meat which is good for us.

All in all a very tiring and decent night I really enjoyed going to the markets and I am planning to take my Managers along for the ride one night soon, I’m sure they will thank me for that.

Until next time!!