• image of the elcantara restaraunt
  • image of the elcantara restaraunt

The Snow isn’t everyone’s idea of fun…

Whilst all children seem to love the snow, it’s really bad for business, as people would much rather stay at home than go to the West End, and I can’t say I blame them!!

The weekend was the quietest I can remember for a long time, well, in fact, since the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics back in July.

Our new lunch concept will be finalised this week. In our weekly chef’s briefing, we discussed what we could include to make it real value for money. As our driver buys our fish from Billingsgate, one of the lunch dishes will be ‘catch of the day’, meaning customers will enjoy fresh fish at affordable prices, all with health benefits too.

This year we really want to push our participation in festivals and events. We have been invited to the Ideal Home Exhibition, at Earls Court, which although quite expensive, could be worthwhile. I will update you next week on whether we will take part!!

Finally, my staff have been driving me crazy for a Christmas Staff Party (which for those of us in the catering industry always happens in either January/February), which I will try and organise soon!!

Till next time… Sam Mallach